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Covid-19 Coronavirus – UPDATE

Good news – kids4school office is now opened again.  We are of course adhering to government guidelines as to social distancing etc.

Joanne did a good job working from home and looking after re-directed post and so much more.  But the post is now coming to the office as before.

The office staff is working hard to catch-up with information from Tanzania and this will be sent out to our supporters and sponsors as soon as possible.

Card payments are perhaps the most convenient for most people but whether card or post we thank you for you faithful support.

Paypal is also available (although they take a fee) but either way we would ask our supporters to notify us by email when a donation is made this way giving your name, amount and date of the donation so that we can receipt it.

email.    info@kids4school.org


The children of Tanzania and their families thank you for you support in these difficult days.  God Bless and keep safe.


Midweek Meeting?

Do you have a midweek meeting?


Whether in person or by Zoom we would love the opportunity to share what is happening with the ministry.  These are challenging days in which we live and we would love to share a broader perspective of the positive things the Lord is doing in Tanzania.





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