Having been on previous trips I have seen for myself how our sponsorship really makes a difference to our kids4school children. Apart from a daily meal and access to clean water, one thing I noticed is that very few are now without footwear – even if they’re not a matching pair! Such a simple way for us to help, yet how much more comfortable when walking through the Tanzanian bushland.

After meeting their basic needs of food and clothing, children need to feel that they matter. It raises their self-esteem. If they feel good about themselves they will feel more positive and emotionally healthy. They will learn better. The support we give to all the children, particularly those who are visually-impaired, adds hugely to their quality of life. I pray that all our children realise that if they matter to people who live far away, how much more must they matter to God! It is truly humbling to be allowed to be part of this.

We are changing children’s lives. We are changing their quality of life. I believe that God wants His best for all his children – let us not sow sparingly.

Deirdre Kelly – Holywood Methodist Church

August 2018


The trip to Tanzania was everything we had thought it might be and so much more. We were a part of a fantastic team made up of people from different denominations and a variety of ages. The fact we were all there to help in whatever way we could and do it for the Lord gave us a great unity. Jackie was a brilliant host and it was nice to meet her after praying for her for so long. Joanne and Jackie were strong leaders but you never felt pushed into something you weren’t comfortable doing. Our interpreter/driver David was brilliant and I fell in love with Consolata and her still small voice. The bible clubs were a great experience with the children’s singing blowing us away. The Lord was never to far away and He always gave us the strength to finish the painting of the classrooms and water tanks in the heat. We must admit our favourite part was the food distribution with our sponsored children and meeting the local people and being led to give some of the bibles, mattresses, mosquito nets, solar lights etc. to somone in need. These things were bought with money given by our very generous congregations and it was a great chance to witness. Meeting Sebastian and Ally who we had been praying would be cured of their skin cancer was brilliant. They were in great heart and Ally loved showing us his football skills. At night the devotionals and worship songs helped us unwind after a busy and emotional day. It was lovely to see the Kids4school Christian Academy and the great progress bring made. God’s blessing to the the first girls starting the sewing classes, their teacher and the matron looking after the girls. The trip of a lifetime. New friends gained. The presence of the Lord in everything we did a true blessing.

Ross & Sharon Bolton – 1st Lurgan Presbyterian Church

August 2018


When I think of our trip to Tanzania in August the words life-changing comes to mind! It is incredible to help in the incredible work that kids4school are doing in Tanzania. There are so many opportunities to serve God in a practical way and interact with the children and families in Tanzania who express pure joy every single day! If you are considering going on a trip, my advice is GO! It really is life-changing and I cannot wait to return!

David Lister – Bloomfield Ave Congregational Church

August 2017


My name is Dean and I had the opportunity to serve with kids4school in August 2017. This was an amazing trip to work & witness. It was a rich blessing to see my sponsored child first hand and help with basic needs for children and families in the poorest of countries. The team that was brought to serve God has truly drawn me closer to Christ. Thank you kids4school

Dean Nickels – Millisle Baptist Church

August 2017


Tanzania was a long way from Northern Ireland but since going there in July, it will remain in my heart for a long time. The people are so friendly and the kids so eager for attention that you cant help but fall in love with them. If you are thinking about going on future trips be warned you might feel an urge to adopt a child and bring them home with you! In addition to that, you will be truly blessed by the experience of sharing Gods love with them and if nothing else the beauty of that wonderful country will leave you speechless. Why not find out for yourself by taking Gods word to others, going in faith and in the words of a gospel song, “Get out of the boat start walking on the water”

Rita Morrow

July 2013


I have thought long and hard about my trip with kids4schools and have come to the decision that there aren’t any words to do it justice, it was the most memorable enjoyable trip I could have ever wished for, I fell in love with the people and with the kids instantly and with their culture which I may add I was not expecting as it was my first trip away from home and was extremely nervous. The team was amazing. I made some great friends who I will never forget. I would go to Tanzania again in a heartbeat. I was truly devastated to come home. Africa is never far from my thoughts.

Kerri Foulger

July 2013


To be able to see the difference kids4school is making first hand and how many children are able to attend school through sponsorship is really amazing. We all were able to meet the children that we sponsor to go to school and that was very emotional for most of us on the team too. I got real pleasure in sharing Gods Word in story form with the children at schools and loved the Sunday worship at Kitelera Church and their youth band is amazing at singing and dancing and the whole service was a blessing.

I had an unforgettable trip to the beautiful country of Tanzania with Kids4school and would highly recommend it to anyone who was thinking about going in the future and in fact most of our team said that we would love to be able to do it again. Thank you kids4school for giving me the most amazing experience in my life.

Jane Scott

October 2013