There are many ways you can support the ministry


praying hands


Pray for the ministry, for the meetings we travel to and the work and witness Mission Teams teams as they travel to Africa. Pray for the outreach part of the ministry as we seek to present the gospel.  Make kids4school a regular part of your private and church prayer time.



If you would like to partner with kids4school and financially support the ministry you can do it in 4 ways

  •    send a cheque or postal order (made out to kids4school) to the office
  •    by Standing Order form – ring the office for a form or download it now
  •    call into the office or ring and pay by debit card










  •    donate online by PayPal –

NOTE: please let the office know the details of your donation (as we are not notified)






As a volunteer you can help in many ways including

  •    hold a coffee morning for your friends
  •    take part in a sponsored event (check with office for details)
  •    give of your time
  •    take part in one of our street collections
  •    many other ways



Why not try and get us a meeting at your church or group?  Or put us in touch with the contact person and we will take it from there.