School Desks



Because of situation with Transport we will not be taking any desks (or any items) to send to Tanzania until further notice


Don’t dump the old ones – let kids4school ship them to schools in Tanzania and make a difference there




Schools in Northern Ireland are taking up the challenge and very generously are donating school desks to be shipped to Africa.





In the government schools in Tanzania where kids4school works, many of the children are without desks and have to sit on the floor.


Part of the ministry and goal of kids4school is that every child should have a desk to sit at and books to work with.








Re-Cycle your Desks

One such school is Abbey Primary in Newtownards. They have donated a large number of desks which have been stripped down and transported to Tanzania. kids4school, on behalf of the children and schools in Tanzania would like to thank Mrs P Magowan and the staff at Abbey Primary for their support.

These desks are used in local primary schools where many children have to sit on the floor for lack of desks and equipment.

Will your school be replacing their desks this year?  Why not consider donating them to kids4school so they can be sent to African schools.


Volunteers in Action

desks3 desks1 desks2desks



Volunteers in action splitting the desks down so they are easier packed together to ship them in our container to Tanzania.