Mission Trips


Listen to what a team member said

“going on the work and witness trip to Tanzania has changed my life.  I have been so blessed and feel so privileged to serve the Lord in this way.  I cant wait to go back”.

Going to Tanzania with kids4school is a trip of a lifetime to Africa.  When you return you will never be the same again.  

Subject to Covid restrictions we are planning for 2022 and various abilities will be needed – but the greatest is a willingness just to do what is needed to be done.  Come along, see, experience and enjoy the real Africa.  What we can guarantee is a life changing experience.

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There are 2 different types of trips – each are for 14 days


These trips are wonderful opportunities for people to see and be involved in the work first hand.  The trips can be ‘Ambassador’ trips where you go, see your sponsored child and be involved with them and others.


These trips cater for all but if you want a more ‘hands on’ type trip, this is for you.

The trip includes working with local people in light construction, painting and refurbishing school classrooms and teaching.

Both trips will be involved in Holiday Bible Clubs with scripture lessons and much more.


To worship in an Africa church like that at Kitelera Church which kids4school built, is just fantastic.  Memories that will never be forgotten.  You see it in publications and documentaries but to meet the people, experience the culture, and to see the real Africa for yourself is something else.


15 minutes north of Dodoma is the kids4school lodge.  This is home for the team members for their 2 week stay.


mikumi(optional) The trip can be planned to finish up with a wonderful overnight visit to the Mikumi National Park – and this is something else.







There are plenty of needs at the many government schools we support.  

  •    holiday Bible Club to present the Gospel
  •    painting and repairs at the schools
  •    distributing food to village homesteads
  •    and much more