Deaf School – New children registered at a ‘deaf school’

Jackie writes

Today we registered a number of children onto the K4S program from the deaf primary school in Dodoma (Dodoma Viziwi Shule ya Msingi). I had my eyes opened here today and am sad to say that the statistics regarding the availability of appropriate education for children with hearing impairments in Tanzania are simply staggering, with less than 0.5% receiving education in specialised schools/units. The remainder (if even attending school) will be included in main stream classes where there are no resources or teacher training available, and learning is virtually non-existent. In many instances the child will not be diagnosed with a hearing impairment and simply labelled as stupid. However, today was graduation day for the standard 7 students in this school who ALL passed their national exams and will therefore be given the opportunity to progress to secondary school. Praise the Lord!

kids4school has just taken on new children for sponsorship at a deaf school near Dodoma. This means they will be able to help them with the specialised teaching that these children need