Feeding Program

The maize in the fields around the villages in Tanzania stands blitzed, scorched and blighted. The rains have not been sufficient again, and food is scarce.

Students sometimes have to walk miles to school

Many of the students, have to walk miles just to get to school – on an empty stomach! Can you imagine? Their parents are farmers and times are tough – families are battling against draught trusting and praying that the crops can survive.  When the children get home this evening, there will be little on the table for them to eat – some porridge, if they are lucky.  All this, and exams to pass.

A meal every day

Since kids4school have introduced their feeding centres, children will get something to eat today and everyday at school.  Instead of sleeping, as they did in the past because they were so hungry and tired – today, they can learn.  Yes, they still have exams to pass. At least the food in their stomachs should help them concentrate.


– Not just the sponsored children are being fed
kids4school is rolling out a new initiative whereby ALL the children get a meal each day at school.  This is being piloted initially at Kitelera Primary School. This mean that all 574 children will get a meal every day at school.  This a giant leap of faith as this will be expensive but then we have a faithful God who works through His people.

The are trusting that this initiative will eventually be extended to ALL the primary Schools that we work in.

A message of hope

Thank you for your support for the kids4school program. By supporting kidsd4school ministries you are helping show the message of God’s love in action. You are bringing a message of hope to an otherwise hopeless situation and giving these African children a chance for a future

Thanks to your sponsorship  As the children head home today they will have had food to strengthen them through kids4school feeding program.