‘when you help a child, you are helping to look after an entire family.”
A village Elder from Kitelera

An old proverb says ‘Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; show him how to catch fish, and you feed him for a lifetime’
That village elder knows nothing of old proverbs, but he does know the reality of life in Africa.

Why Vocational Training?

Teaching a young person a trade sets them up for a future.  At kids4school we provide training for children that will not make it, for various reasons, academically.  We provide courses that will help children not only support themselves but their respective families.

National Exam
Children in Tanzania have to sit a National Examination at primary 7.  This determines whether or not they can continue in their education and move to secondary school and, therefore a chance of a future.

One Chance
They get only one chance at this exam, and only if they pass first time can they go on in their education.  If not, they are out of academic education and are destined and basically condemned to a life of poverty.

For those children who do not pass this exam , kids4school offer them the opportunity to learn a trade – which will give them a skillset, and therefore hopefully secure a future.

At the moment we can offer training in several areas.  We have plans to expand the range that we can facilitate.  This is an exciting opportunity for the future of our young people.


We trust that you might want to be part of the future of a young person in Tanzania.  By becoming a sponsor, you will change the life and prospects of these young people and give them hope. >>>>sponsor form

We will expand the courses offered  include things like carpentry, bricklaying, electrical, plumbing and many more.

1 Year Sewing Course 

We have already provided courses in sewing and these will be ongoing.  At our  Vocational Training Centre we have in place 2 sewing trainers who are running training courses for young people in preparation to setting them up in business or able to get a job.



Welding is an important trade which opens up many opportunities for employment or starting up their own small business.

3 Year Joinery Course 

We are delighted that many students have graduated from this course and some are actually working with our own builders doing the joinery work.

Brick laying

We have started an apprenticeship program  whereby young people have the opportunity to work with our builders to learn bricklaying skills.